Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Goals...Revisited

Way back in January, I posted about my 2012 resolutions.  Since it is now mid-June and I haven't downloaded the newest pictures of the girls from our new camera (upcoming post I promise), I decided to revisit these goals and take stock of where I am.  Below is a breakdown of my 2012 goals and their current progress or lack thereof. 

  • Create and stick with a monthly budget
    • Status: FAIL.  We just need to sit down and do this.  I'm moving this to the top of my TO DO list!
  • Save enough money to have at least one month of my salary in savings
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  I think this will be a little easier if we actually stick to our budget.
  • Design and complete decoration of at least 3 rooms in the house
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  We purchased a new sectional for our living room and get the final piece on Monday.  We have an idea for what we want to finish the space, now we just need to make some purchases.  The materials for the master bedroom headboard are laying against the wall in the master bedroom, that has to count for something!  We also started putting together a picture wall for the main floor playroom.  Finally, we have thought of ideas to privatize Matt's man cave so that it could also work as a guest bedroom.  At least we are thinking!
  • Complete a design for the eventual kitchen renovation
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  It's not totally complete, but the idea has really started to come together.  I purchased Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformation and am currently testing it out on the half bath vanity.  If we like the way it turns out, we will attack the kitchen cabinets.  The plan is to go white on the cabinets and a really fun and bright backsplash.  We aren't in total agreement on the countertops yet, but I think that may have to wait until we actually pick out a backsplash. 
  • Price out and compare refurnishing of hardwood floors versus new floors for entire first floor
    • Status: COMPLETE.  We cannot refinish our hardwood floors.  The original hardwood installed isn't the best quality so it isn't thick enough to refinish.  We have priced out new hardwood floors from Lumber Liquidators and just need to add this in to our budget.  I would love to get this done before Amelia is crawling and after the kitchen cabinets are done...I have a feeling this will be a LONG time.
Arts & Crafts
  • Create and live within a crafting budget
    • Status: FAIL.  Thankfully, the arrival of Amelia has slowed my crafting down considerably.  There are still some projects I would love to do and have done, but at this point I have tried to do most things with materials already on hand.  I have decided that I really want a Silhouette Cameo, but I am not the impulse buyer that Matt is, so I may have to wait until Christmas or some Hallmark holiday like Sweetest Day to make this wish come true.
  • Complete at least 3 blankets
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  I have already completed 2 blankets and have the materials to complete at least 2 more.  I think this goal is completely feasible!
  • Organize my emails
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  When I came back from maternity leave I had over 800 unread emails and a little over 12,000 emails in my inbox.  I have been back at work for about 2 1/2 weeks and am at 167 unread emails and 3,848 emails in my inbox.  Progress is being made.  The new goal is to have this completed by Wednesday of next week!
  • Work to maintain a positive attitude at all times
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  I really thought this would be better when I got back from maternity leave, but I think coming back from maternity leave can be a pretty big downer itself.  Maybe once I get my emails under control and I start to tackle the mess that is my office, I will feel better.  For now, I am trying my best.
  • Go on a date with Matthew (without the kids) at least once a month
    • Status: FAIL.  Seriously, this isn't even in progress.  I can't even remember the last time we left the house without one of the girls and we were NOT on the way to pick them up or drop them off from daycare.  Once Amelia gets better with sleeping, maybe I'll plan a date at home.  Right now, breastfeeding is really rough.  I pump all day for daycare and this is going to sound harsh, but I don't want to waste the pumped milk on a date night.  I'm not sure how long breastfeeding is going to last. 
  • Eat healthier
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  This is still a struggle and some days are better than others, but I'm trying.  I do pretty well with using up leftovers and decreasing my grocery store bills, but that wasn't the goal:( 
  • Reach and maintain a weight of 145 or less.
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  This is a MUST over the next couple of months.  I just need to get more active.  I don't necessarily eat that poorly, but getting out there and exercising would make me feel more confident with my body and I think it would improve my mood overall.  
  • Run a 5K
    • Status: IN PROGRESS.  I signed up for my first 5K, the Hot Chocolate Run at the beginning of November.  I signed up with my girlfriends, so I am pretty excited about the whole thing.  Now on to the training!  
  • Love Like Don't Hate Running
    • Status: FAIL.  I am not sure I can say I failed this yet since the year isn't over, but I went running/walking earlier this week and definitely hated the running portion.  Hopefully this will change before the Hot Chocolate Run in November.  If not, at least I can look forward to the chocolate!
How is everyone else doing with their goals/resolutions?  Has anyone actually succeeded with theirs?  Is anyone else feeling like they need to get their butts in gear if this year will result in any successful resolutions/goals?  Oh well, I'll get there.  1 out of 14 completed isn't the worst record ever!