Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Giants Win Superbowl XLVI

Our small Siuta family decided to make a trip out East as we haven't been out there since we moved this past June.  We decided the perfect weekend would be the annual Siuta Superbowl Extravaganza!  Not only did this allow two big Giants fans (Matt and his dad) to watch the big game together, but it also gave us the opportunity to see the other Siuta clan (Thad, Andrea, Nicole and Tesia).  I absolutely loved growing up with a big family and lots of cousins, so I get really excited when Morgan gets a chance to play with her cousins, which means this was a great weekend all around!

We headed up to Caroline & Tommy's place on Thursday evening.  I consider myself incredibly lucky as I view both of my sisters (sister & sister-in-law) as my best friends, so I really love any time I can spend with either of them.  After a quiet night talking, a middle of the night tylenol run to Meijer (for my ear infection), and an early wake-up, we were ready for our first flight with Morgan since the Ireland/Wales trip this past summer.  I must admit it is a LOT easier traveling with a very young child as they are more likely to sleep on the plane.  Morgan did eventually fall asleep on the flight out, but it took a lot of encouragement! 

We finally arrived safely and only slightly less mentally stable (Matt is unflappable so this was really only an issue for me).  Our first stop was to Ellen's daycare, Leesburg Open Arms, to brighten her day and to allow Nain to show off the greatest first granddaughter ever (minus me of course)! 

After a pretty uneventful afternoon where Morgan got herself acquanted with all of the toys, we headed to dinner where we met up with Michelle, Thad, Andrea, Nicole and Tesia.  When we got back the girls were able to play together for a little bit before heading up to bed. 

Saturday brought a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic to confirm an ear infection and pink eye for me and pink eye for Morgan (you can see at least one of her eyes is slightly swollen in the pics below).  Once we got back from the clinic, Morgan and Tesia were able to focus on playing!  We presented Tesia with an early birthday present and the girls were so excited to show off their matching shoes!
Morgan also really enjoyed playing with her Nain's gardening hat!

Tesia introduced Morgan to the fine art of dress up and walking in heels!  I'm not sure we are ready to buy her a pair yet, but I know she really enjoyed walking around and showing off her Snow White heels!

After a night of Fireworks Pizza and Dark Tower, we all headed up to bed for a good night's sleep before the big game.  Morgan was prepared to cheer for the Giants as we had bought her Giants gear during the playoffs.  Isn't she the cutest Giants fan ever?
Here is a picture of Morgan with her Grandpa Taid.  Morgan LOVES these wicker chairs.  We have one at our house and when Nain and Grandpa Taid saw how much she loved it, they went out and picked up one for each of the girls so they would have their own special seat while they were visiting!
Below is a picture of three generations of Siutas and Giant fans! 
When the weekend was over and everyone headed off to work or home on Monday, it was bittersweet.  It's always good to be home after a vacation, but it's never fun to leave family.  We are going to try and make this an annual tradition to head out to Nain and Grandpa Taid's for every Superbowl.  Hopefully next year Aunt Caroline and Uncle Tommy can join us!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthdays Galore!

This past weekend in addition to celebrating my 28th birthday (whoo hoo!), we also celebrated the 2nd birthday of my cousin's daughter, Emily.  I LOVE birthdays and I really like when Morgan can hang out with her cousins, so this was a great weekend all around. 

Emily's birthday was at Little Gym in Chicago, so below are some pics of our little monkey showing off her grace and style!

Morgan had such a good time and I was really impressed with her strength!  I don't even think I can hold myself on a bar (granted I am carrying around an extra 20 pounds).

The theme of the birthday party was Elmo and they even had the monster himself make an appearance!  It took a couple of minutes for all of the kids to warm up to the super TALL Elmo, but I think they all really enjoyed being able to see him in person.
Plus, my cousin did an AMAZING job with the kid's food.  In addition to ordering pizza, she set each kid's place with Elmo-inspired food.  The head is made of bread, eyes are mozzarella balls with black olives, nose is half a carrot, and the mouth is a chip.  It was really cute, but Morgan really appreciated the oranges.  I think she stole oranges from at least 4 other kid's plates!  This girl LOVES her fruit!

After an awesome evening out to dinner at Frontera Grill with Matt, Caroline, and Tommy (my sister & brother-in-law), we were wiped.  Sunday started with a delicious brunch made by my parents and then a trip to see the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown.  While it was a fun idea, I am not sure it is a trip or adventure I would try again.  It was a little too cold and the girls were just a little too tired to make for a truly successful trip.  Plus, we had a LOT of problems with the el station.  Oh well, at least we got this great picture of the girls bundled up in their warm weather gear!