Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthdays Galore!

This past weekend in addition to celebrating my 28th birthday (whoo hoo!), we also celebrated the 2nd birthday of my cousin's daughter, Emily.  I LOVE birthdays and I really like when Morgan can hang out with her cousins, so this was a great weekend all around. 

Emily's birthday was at Little Gym in Chicago, so below are some pics of our little monkey showing off her grace and style!

Morgan had such a good time and I was really impressed with her strength!  I don't even think I can hold myself on a bar (granted I am carrying around an extra 20 pounds).

The theme of the birthday party was Elmo and they even had the monster himself make an appearance!  It took a couple of minutes for all of the kids to warm up to the super TALL Elmo, but I think they all really enjoyed being able to see him in person.
Plus, my cousin did an AMAZING job with the kid's food.  In addition to ordering pizza, she set each kid's place with Elmo-inspired food.  The head is made of bread, eyes are mozzarella balls with black olives, nose is half a carrot, and the mouth is a chip.  It was really cute, but Morgan really appreciated the oranges.  I think she stole oranges from at least 4 other kid's plates!  This girl LOVES her fruit!

After an awesome evening out to dinner at Frontera Grill with Matt, Caroline, and Tommy (my sister & brother-in-law), we were wiped.  Sunday started with a delicious brunch made by my parents and then a trip to see the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown.  While it was a fun idea, I am not sure it is a trip or adventure I would try again.  It was a little too cold and the girls were just a little too tired to make for a truly successful trip.  Plus, we had a LOT of problems with the el station.  Oh well, at least we got this great picture of the girls bundled up in their warm weather gear!

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