Thursday, April 5, 2012

Morgan's Big Girl Bed

As many of you know, we are slowly but surely preparing for Amelia's arrival on April 17th.  We decided to use the crib and changing table/dresser we used for Morgan, which meant that Morgan needed her own bed.  In order to make the transition a little easier, we changed her crib into a toddler bed and let her try that out for a month or two.  The transition went REALLY well and she seemed to like the freedom the toddler bed allowed. 

Matt and I faced a dilemma: do we purchase Morgan a toddler bed, a twin bed, or a full size bed?  We went back and forth on whether to get Morgan a toddler bed and finally decided on a real size bed.  From there, Matt and I disagreed on whether she should get a twin size bed (my preference) or a full size bed (Matt's preference).  I did not have a full size bed until I was a junior in college, so I didn't think it was necessary.  Plus, a full size bed would take up too much room and I wanted to be able to add some fun furniture.  As you can imagine, I eventually persuaded Matthew the twin size bed was the better option and the hunt for the perfect bed was on! 

We LOVED the day bed with trundle design that IKEA and Pottery Barn Kids has, but the Pottery Barn Kids version was WAY too expensive and the IKEA version didn't seem sturdy enough to withstand our crazy toddler!  We ended up finding a twin size platform bed at Potter Barn Kids.  It's very low to the ground, probably even lower than the toddler bed, but a box spring can be added at a later date to increase the height.  Below are some pictures of Morgan testing out her new bed and mattress.  NOTE: Morgan did help me pick out the bright sheets!

Jumping on the bed was actually the first course of action!

Morgan is a crazy sleeper, so this picture is probably pretty typical of where you might find her anytime during the night.  I have already gone in there twice and she has been on the floor.  As you can see the bed is low to the floor so the small trip down doesn't really hurt her so much as scares her. 

Can't wait to post more pics once we get the room finished up!

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