Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crafting with the Chadwicks

This past weekend is the first weekend we have had at home in a long time where Matt did not have to work and possibly the last weekend home before the end of the year.  On top of this amazing occurrence, Matt offered to watch Morgan on Saturday while I went out, did some shopping and basically had some "me" time.  I cannot say enough how much I appreciated this "me" time.  I LOVE spending time with Morgan, but the one thing I have missed the most since becoming a parent is the freedom to just leave the house by myself and wander the aisles of a store, even if I don't buy anything. 

I did actually have a purpose for shopping this past Saturday.  As previously mentioned, we planned a night with the Chadwicks.  Dinner would be served and then Matt & Josh would watch all of the girls while Kristin and I got to work on some felt Christmas ornaments.  We were both looking for ways to keep our trees fun, but still kid friendly!  I am a really SLOW sewer and I forgot to pick up fabric glue, so I only got two ornaments completely finished and even then, I need to add some sort of ribbon for hanging on the tree. 

I was able to get all of the pieces cut and laid out for a cute owl ornament.  Only the hard part left...sewing, which includes adding some googly eyes!
While researching easy to make ornaments, I found some really easy instructions for glitter ornaments using the glass or plastic clear ornaments, glitter, and liquid Pledge.  Below are my first 6 ornaments in gold glitter.  These are for my sister's tree and I think they turned out pretty well!

I tried to use modge podge and leopard print tissue paper to make some leopard print ornaments to go with the gold glitter balls, but this did not go as smoothly.  In my first attempt, I tried to just wrap the whole piece of tissue paper around the ball, but it's too bulky and doesn't lay right.  On the second attempt, I used small, ripped up pieces of tissue paper and modge podged those on to the ball individually.  It looked much better but took much longer. 

I really want to finish up the rest of these tonight so I can give them to my sister tomorrow, but I've got a lot on my plate tonight.  Morgan's daycare is having a small Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow.  They didn't ask the parents to bring anything in, but they said we could send stuff if we wanted to and I ALWAYS want to!  I found this fun idea for turkeys made out of oreo cookies and peanut butter cups.  I have a feeling tonight might get a little busy!

If you want the recipe or directions, check out http://www.ourbestbites.com/2010/11/oreo-turkeys-and-cookie-pilgrim-hats/
Before I sign off, I do want to share an exciting purchase that finally came in the mail this week!  About 6 months ago I purchased a deal on Heartsy for an Etsy dealer that crocheted hats.  About a month ago, I finally used my deal and purchased 3 hats for under $30!  Below are the first two hats for Morgan, they match her winter jacket (courtesy of Aunt Jamie) perfectly!  The last hat is for our new arrival due in April.  Since it will be a spring baby, I thought the chick hat would be perfect for pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Next week I am sure I will have plenty of pictures to share from our Thanksgiving adventures and hopefully I will be able to share whether we are having a boy or girl!  Keep those fingers crossed that this little baby keeps moving those legs around!

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