Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Siuta Halloween 2011

Yesterday marked not only the end of October and Halloween, but also the beginning of the Holiday season!  I have already purchased the Michael Buble Christmas CD, so I am feeling ready to go for the Holidays.  Before I get too far into my Holiday preparations, I want to recap the Siuta Halloween 2011.

Halloween preparation actually started on Sunday night as I was in charge of bringing a sweet treat for the daycare's Halloween party.  Since my Michael Jackson-inspired sugar cookies turned out so tasty, I decided to go with frosted sugar cookies.  I bought a couple of fun Halloween shaped cookie cutters and got to work after Morgan went to bed.  The pumpkins turned out looking like odd shaped circles, so I just frosted those in orange and added some sprinkles.  The ghosts turned out pretty well, so I frosted those in white and added some mini chocolate chip eyes.  The cats did not turn out well.  I should have taken some pictures so that you could get the full impact, but at the end of the day it was decided that the cats would stay home for Matt while the rest of the cookies went to the daycare party.

Halloween morning dawned, Matt had to work 8-4, so it was a pretty fast paced morning.  We got Morgan up, showered and dressed in her Minnie Mouse costume.  Matt left with Morgan, Minnie Mouse ears, and three plates of cookies.  When he came home with Morgan we were missing a sweater and some shoes, but at least daycare was able to post some a couple of pictures of Morgan enjoying her Halloween celebration.  Below is a pic of Morgan at daycare:
We were having the Chadwicks over for dinner, so once Matt and Morgan got home we did a final clean sweep of the house (mostly vacuuming) and Matt went out to pick up the pizza.  While Matt was picking up the pizza, I finished decorating the front porch in time for the first trick or treaters, who came just a couple minutes after 6.  Below is our spooky front porch including our creepy black cat!

Since I am always worried about Morgan getting cold, I picked up a fleece butterfly costume from Old Navy for $5 for actual trick or treating.  Matt and Morgan only went to 3 houses, but I am very glad she had the extra warmth and she looked extra cute!  Below is one of my favorite pictures in her butterfly costume.  It looks like she is trying to flap her wings!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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