Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pinterest Project Update

As mentioned in last week's blog, I was on a mission to complete several projects found on Pinterest.  Below are the projects I had hoped to complete, new projects that came along, and status' on all of the projects.  Enjoy!

Project: Felt Rosette Trees
Status: FAIL
I really and truly hate felt rosettes and will never attempt a project that includes these little felt torture devices if it requires more than 3 to be completed.  After all of my felt spiral cutting, I still did not have enough to finish an itty bitty styrofoam tree!  Below is a pic of what was completed and as far as I am concerned this is the most that will ever be completed!
Project: Mantel Decoration
I finished most of the mantle.  I decided that my 'J' and 'Y' to spell out JOY was too small for my ornament wreath, so I am going to work on that for next year.  I do still have a plan to get the ornament wreath hung up so that wall above the mantle doesn't look so boring, but I am proud of what we have so far.  The mantle is decorated with art projects I worked on with Morgan.  The far right is a string of lights made with finger prints and the far left are two reindeer made with Morgan's feet prints.  You may also notice another Pinterest project on the mantle that will be discussed later.
Project: Monogram Tree Topper
Status: N/A
After finishing last week's post, Matt found two tree toppers we could use.  After buying and putting up our tree, we found there really isn't room for a tree topper at all, so we are scrapping this project.

Project: Thumbtack Tree
Status: N/A
I have looked everywhere (ok, only three stores) and could not find gold thumbtacks and since I needed the gold to tie in the color scheme at Jamie's place, I decided to skip this project.  After thinking about how long it took me to create the felt rosettes, I am not sure I would have really enjoyed this project anyway.

Project: No-Sew Fabric Scrap Tutu
This project was super easy and I deem it a HUGE success!  Below is a pic of the final product with the black skirt and tights she will wear to highlight the skirt.  I also found some red reindeer slippers, Morgan can wear to complete the outfit and get in the holiday spirit.  She is going to wear this to her daycare holiday party tomorrow, so I will post pics of Morgan in the actual outfit then!  Maybe the picture lighting and quality will be better as well!
Project: Yarn Tree
I did two yarn trees the same height in green and one smaller one in red.  I wish I had three different sizes, but I still think they look good together.  I may experiment with this some more next year!
Project: Santa Bucket
I found a galvanized bucket in the shape I wanted at Michael's, but haven't really gotten started on the other steps.  I have a feeling this will be an after Christmas project, but I'm still super excited to get it finished and to use it to store my holiday books!  Right now I am using the bucket to store my craft supplies as they travel from the kitchen table to my office.
Project: Christmas Card/Picture Display Board
I found this project on Pinterest and thought it looked pretty easy.  I had bought one more piece of fabric than I actually used on the no-sew fabric scrap tutu, so I figured I would give this a try.  The whole project cost me $10-$12, took me 15-20 minutes and is my absolute favorite project to date.  I think it looks awesome hanging in our kitchen and really fits with my design scheme. 
Whew!  It was a busy week and this week isn't shaping up to be any less stressful.  I do have the most amazing husband ever and he has been a HUGE help with cleaning the house and doing the grocery shopping in preparation for hosting Christmas Day with his family.  I am actually pretty nervous about getting all of the cooking done, but really excited about hosting this holiday.  I am sure I will have plenty more pictures next week after all of the festivities!  Have a safe and happy holiday!

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