Thursday, April 14, 2011

Accepted Offer & Teething?

It's only Thursday and we have had a lot of ups and down this week.  First, towards the end of the weekend Morgan started developing a runny nose.  Unfortunately, it has only gotten worse and she has gotten even more fussy than usual!  We asked the doctor about it and they chalk it up to teething.  No other sign of teeth yet, but we keep giving Morgan plenty of things to gum and try to keep her as happy as possible. 

We also took Morgan for her 6 month check up and she is now 26.5 inches, which is the 75th percentile for height, and weighs in at 14lbs and 3oz, which is the 25th percentile for weight.  Our little girl is growing up so fast and is already starting to resemble a string bean like her dad!

The most exciting news this week has been the accepted offer we now have on our house.  A couple, who had expressed interest a couple of weeks ago, presented us with an offer on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  We countered and they accepted our offer on Wednesday afternoon.  Everything is contingent on the home inspection, which is scheduled for April 20th, but we are pretty excited.  This makes our moving a little more official and gets us even more excited for our next step!  Now that we know how much we will be getting for the house, it gives us a better idea of what we may want to do when we get down to the Champaign area.  We are still leaning towards renting, but may branch out and look at a couple of houses to buy.  We feel with the down payment we now have, we can get just as good of a deal, if not better, on a house as we could on a place to rent.  Oh well, more to come soon!

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