Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chi-Town Here We Come!

It was a crazy weekend for our little Siuta family.  Morgan and I flew back to Chicago to spend some time with my family and to participate in Caroline's bridal shower and bachelorette party.  The bridal shower was really beautiful and the food was fantastic.  The bachelorette party was a lot of fun, but just reiterated the fact that I have NO business being out late anymore!  I ended up with a sore throat and have a very hard time functioning on 3 hours of sleep!  In the end, it was worth it because it was a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure Caroline had a good time as well. 

Morgan also had her first overnight trip with Grandma and Grandpa up at the cottage.  Grandma and Grandpa have watched her before, but I think she has become even  more of a Mommy's girl since the last experience.  Even Matt has trouble getting Morgan to go down at night, so it wasn't a huge surprise that she was incredibly difficult.  Apparently, Grandma and Grandpa finally got her to go down around 1am by driving around.  Yikes!  Good news is that she is usually very happy and doesn't need to be by Mommy in the morning!  Of course, this does worry us a little for Caroline and Tommy's upcoming wedding.  Right now, my girlfriends are scheduled to watch Morgan the night of the wedding, but we don't want them to have the same experience.  It may scare them off of children!  We are going to work on getting her to go down a little better, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

While Morgan and I were living it up in Chi-Town, Matt and his dad went on a golfing extravaganza.  Their ultimate goal or bucket list item is to golf in all 50 states together.  They used this past weekend as a way to knock out 4 states.  Connecticut on Friday, Rhode Island and Massachusetts on Saturday and finally Pennsylvania on Sunday before picking Ellen, Morgan and I up from the airport.  Whew!  That's a lot of golfing, but every day is a good day to golf according to Matthew!

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