Monday, April 18, 2011

Grilling with Morgan

This past Friday the weather was beautiful and I am ALWAYS in the mood for burgers, so we decided to make our burgers and grill out!  One of our goals is to try new veggies, so we got to try out parsnips this week.  Thanks to a recipe I found on a friend's blog, we made parsnip fries.  Not Matthew's favorite, but definitely well liked by Morgan and I.  We also made some guacamole to use as a burger topping!  The avocados were soft, so perfect for guacamole but not so perfect for Morgan since every time she grabbed one it would split in half.  It made for quite a mess.  As you can might be able to see from the pics below the avocado was smashed all over our "picnic" blanket on the family room floor. 
Even though Morgan loved the parsnip fries, she was not a fan of the burger and had way too much trouble with the avocado.  This meant that the plate held much more appeal.  She pretty much wiped the remnants of food all over her body while she attempted to chew her way around the plate.

This last picture is actually from Friday's lunch.  Morgan wasn't really feeling the tomatoes or pears we gave her, so I gave her a rice cracker with some yogurt.  One of the many reasons I prefer to feed Morgan in her diaper is slightly evident here by the yogurt all over her face.  You can't tell but the yogurt ended up all over her legs and body as well.  I'm thinking this week we may give her some yogurt in a bowl with a spoon.  Can't wait to see how messy that gets!

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