Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daisies & Cosmos

Wow!  I really need to get better about updating this log.  I was hoping to get an update at least once a week, on Mondays or Tuesdays, but it is already Thursday!  In my defense, work and life in general has been a little crazy, I solemnly swear to get better about this!

Now, on to the weekend!  Mike, Ellen, Michele, Matthew, Morgan and I traveled up to New York this weekend for Caroline's bridal shower.  Mike picked Caroline up from the LaGuardia airport around midnight on Friday night, so it was a late night for all!  Morgan did great on the car ride up to NY and was very excited to show Grandma Jean how well she sits up and how much she can smile!

On Saturday, we headed to Billy & Judy's house for the actual shower.  We sort of had a pot luck of Italian food (a must for this Polish family LOL) and Erica brought some delicious cupcakes that were decorated to look like Gerber Daises (pic below). 

Judy did a great job getting the decorations together and I think Caroline had a really good time.  Below is a pic of Caroline in her chair of honor before the presents were opened.

One of the best parts of shower was that all of the little cousins were able to get together for the first time.  Tesia was born in February 2010, Morgan was born in October 2010, Christian & TJ were born in November 2010 and Ava was born in late January 2011.  They are so lucky to be so close in age, it is just one more reason why it will be tough to leave the East Coast.  Below is a pic of the next generation in age order.  Notice the coordinating black and pink on the ladies as those are Caroline's wedding colors!

We haven't necessarily gotten a chance to see the boys or Ava as much, but we have gotten the opportunity for Morgan and Tesia to hang out quite a bit over the past couple of months.  I think they are actually pretty good at playing together!  Below is a pic of the two of them.  Tesia was nice enough to share her blocks and Morgan is completely fascinated by her older cousin!

Below is another favorite pic from the shower, Morgan getting acquainted with Aunt Helen.  I am having a difficult time finding a picture of Morgan with Grandma Jean.  I cannot believe we didn't get this on camera, but if not I am sure we will find another time to go up and visit before we leave. 

After the shower, we stayed at Billy & Judy's house that night.  It was a great evening!  We played Celebrities (really, really FUN game), talked, ate, and generally enjoyed each other's company.  The next morning was more of the same before we headed back home, dropping Caroline off at Newark airport on the way.  Can't wait until Caroline's next bridal shower back home in Illinois, it's coming up in a week and a half!

This weekend, Saurabh is coming in to visit and our plan is to head to the Cherry Blossom Festival and possibly grill out (weather is supposed to get nicer).  I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics to post from the weekend and hopefully this time I will get them up in a more timely manner!

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