Monday, March 21, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Panda Bears...Oh my!

As many people know, we have our townhouse in Germantown, MD up for sale.  We have lived in Maryland for four years this year and have lived in our town house for almost 2.  Matt will be graduating from pharmacy school this may and while we love the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, I really want to be closer to my family in Illinois.  Matt has applied for a residency in Bloomington, MN which we find out about on Wednesday.  If we don't head to Minnesota, right now the plan is to head to Champaign, IL (home of the Fighting Illini) and Matt will work retail at Walgreens.  Either way, we need to sell our house! 

While we have the house on the market, we are trying to get out and about as much as possible on the weekends.  Two weekends ago, Morgan and I went to the zoo with Molly on Saturday.  We got some great shots of the new lion cubs, the tiger and one of the pandas!

I also noticed that while I have plenty of pics of Morgan with Matt, I barely have any with Morgan and I together.  After we got home from the zoo and I had changed into my comfy sweats, I had Matt take a pictures of Morgan and I.  I think it turned out pretty well!

On Sunday, I took Morgan to the Adventure Playground in southern Germantown.  It is a really big playground with a castle and pirate ship.  She is still pretty young to be on a playground, but she really enjoyed seeing all of the other kids.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to put on her sun hat although I realized that it was a little too big.

I guess this is just an excuse to go out and buy her a new hat!!!

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