Monday, March 21, 2011

Shopping & Play Dates

In the theme of keeping away from the house during the day on the weekends, Morgan and I went shopping on Saturday while Matt went out golfing with his dad.  I stopped at Mike & Brittany's place on the way out to see Jackson, drop off some baby/nursing gear, and plan a play date for Sunday. 

The first stop on our shopping trip was Toys 'R' Us to pick up a mat for the bottom of our bath tub and a tub toy.  Morgan has finally outgrown her original bath seat.  The bath seat kind of lounges in the bath, but now that Morgan is sitting up she wants to sit up ALL THE TIME so the lounging bath seat was proving to be a little dangerous.  The hope is that the bath mat in the tub will help her from slipping and sliding all over and the singing toy duck will help her to enjoy bath time even more!  A video of her first bath with the mat and toy will soon be posted somewhere (Facebook or YouTube). 

After Toys 'R' Us, Morgan and I headed to Montgomery mall.  My sister-in-law, Caroline, has a wedding coming up at the beginning of May and I still need to get some good undergarments for my bridesmaid dress before going in for a fitting.  No luck at Macy's (and this is my second Macy's) for undergarments, but I did find a great dress for Matt's pharmacy banquet.  This is the first time I have felt good about wearing a dress since the pregnancy has ended, so I was really excited. 

After Macy's we went to Gymboree, where everything was 30% off and I bought a bathing suit, sunglasses and sun hat for Morgan.  Then to Children's Place where I picked up two more sleepers for Morgan in 6-9 month size (she flies through these things, but they are MY FAVE sleeper).  Finally, we went to Old Navy where I picked up a swim suit cover up, another sun hat and a white denim skirt. 

Our shopping trip was a success!  We picked up some steaks for dinner, then showed off all our purchases to Matt when we got home. 

On Sunday, we had a play date with Mike, Brittany and the one-week old Jackson.  During our play date, we were able to try on most of Morgan's new clothes, check out the pics below:
Morgan in her retro swimsuit with matching swim cap
Morgan rocking her new shades!
Preparing for the sun in her new sun hat

Morgan also got to know Libby, the Akers' dog, a little more.  The first couple of times she has met Libby she either didn't care or was a little scared when she barked.  Now that Morgan is able to sit up and really know her surroundings, she was much more interested in Libby.  She was smiling, trying to reach out and pet Libby, as well as laughing every time Libby would turn around and wag her tail.  Libby also licked Morgan's feet which was fun for Morgan as well.  Mike got a little bit of it on camera, so I'm sure we'll see it on Facebook or You Tube soon!

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