Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Match Day 2011

Today was Match Day for the University of Maryland Baltimore Pharmacy Students Class of 2011.  Any pharmacy student who wants to go on to complete or participate in a residency after graduation goes through an application and interview process.  Then, the students and the residencies submit their top picks, if both match up then the student gets the residency and they find out today on Match Day.  Matt went through the complete interview process for one residency with Prime Therapeutics in Minnesota.  Unfortunately for Prime Therapeutics he did not get the residency, but forunately, for almost everyone else, this means we are headed back to Illinois!!!!

When Matt first texted me this morning I was a little worried he would be upset by not matching, but he has assured me he is not disappointed and feels it is fate since he wore his blue and orange tie to his rotation today.  While I think Minnesota would have been an adventure, I am thrilled beyond all possible belief to be returning to Illinois!!!  We will be between 2 and 3 hours from all of our family, including my brother in Iowa.  The Champaign-Urbana area is a great place for all of our friends and family to visit, plus we will probably end up getting season tickets to the Illini football games!  In addition, the cost of living in the Champaign area is significantly less than where we are right now, so with two incomes we will be able to chisel away at those student loans in no time!

Matt and I are big Illini fans, so heading back to the Champaign-area gives us an excuse to load up on Illini gear.  See some of my faves for Morgan below:

The perfect Illini outfit for combination for a warm day

Of course we will be strolling around in this Illini stroller.  The perfect transportation for Morgan as we acquaint her with her future alma mater.

Or perhaps she would prefer to get herself around in her Illini tricycle!

After playing outside all day, perhaps on the quad, Morgan can lie in her crib (we can hope) and fall asleep to her Illiini mobile.
And of course, every girl needs an Illini tutu!

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